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It was a warm and quite sunny day when Ranuven SilverArrow gathered this
equipment and started walking to the Coast of Butcher Block Montains.When
he finaly arrived the sun still peaked above the hill and it started to get cold.As he
went closer to the Ocean Of Tears he saw a person sitting under the tree in shiny
green armor (formaly knowed as Thorny Whine armor).The person asked:
"Are you a ranger as well?Or dont you follow the Tunare?"
"Im the young ranger of Greater Faydark named Ranuven SilverArrow".
"Good,Im Jezekiell the Pathfinder of Norrath.
Im here to teach followers of Faydark Champions
some grouping tactics are you interested?"
"I woud be honored..."

Ok now to the Grouping Tactics.A good group shud contain of a couple of strong tanks,
a caster and a healer or two.My personal describtion about a perfect group is:
A group shoud have an Enchanter to cast Strenght,Breeze and Quikness spells on the group.
Then we need a couple of good fighters, a warrior is good to have as the main tank while allso
having a Paladin and a Ranger in youre group as tanks is a very good idea.At level 20 the
Paladin will have 80health points healing per spell and the Ranger will have 30health points
of healing per spell, so theese classes can work as healers when in a emergency.
Now we need some healers, i prefer a Ceric or Shaman as healers becouse of theire nice AC/HP buffs (Cerics)
and Strenght,Dextertinity and Agility buffs (Shaman).Both of theese classes has G.Healment wich is
80healing points per spell.

A rangers job in a group
Ok the rangers can have two jobs in a group:Either as a tank or as a Healer..When the group for
example contains only tanks or casters,we rangers will be healers and heal the main tanks while still hitting
the mobs a couple of times.Some times we can allso work pretty well as an "nuker" ,this is done by rooting the
MOB go back do youre damage spells aswell as yousing youre Trusty Trueshot Longbow and get Critical hits for
50damage every 4.5 second.

Before starting a group think of what you will hunt with this group.If you are hunting
experience you shud to as above but if you are hunting a certain mob wicht for example drops something rare
you shud get a couple of Caster like Wizard or Magician.They will root the MOB and while the tanks beat
the MOB the Casters will nuke the MOB for up to 300damage per spell(at lvl 20).And in a couple of spells
the MOB will lie dead on the ground.This is not good when fighting for experience because of theu allways
get Out of Mana after a few Nukes..

"Well thats it for now", says Jezekiell while he gathered his equipment and waved goodbye as he disapared in the moon-light...

Ranuven SilverArrow